Smart TV apps which you must have in your Smart TV

Technology has become the core around which our lives revolve around. Technology has breached and influenced almost every aspect of our life. With PCs, laptops, mobiles and even watches turning smart, why will television be left behind? Yes, it is the age of smart technology and smart TVs are fast becoming a rage. With the growing popularity of smart TVs, smart TV apps are bound to follow. So what is a smart TV and how is it different from a normal TV?

About Smart TVs

Smart TVs are so called because they implement much advanced technology which are not found in normal TVs. For example, you can now surf the Internet with the help of a smart TV as well as run apps and other features. It is being estimated that by 2020, over 70 percent of the global population will be using smart TVs and cable subscriptions will be replaced by smart TV apps.

This is because these smart TV apps offer way more than a normal cable subscription and it also delves into gaming and social media. Without an internet connection and the apps, a smart TV isn’t any different from a normal TV and hence make sure that when you buy a smart TV you have an active internet connection and the following apps.

Must have apps for your smart TV

Smart TV apps offer entertainment and benefits way more than a traditional TV and cable subscription. So why not make full use of this advancement in technology? Here are some must have apps for your smart TV:

  • AccuWeather:

You no longer need to wait for your morning newspaper to arrive or hear the news report to know the weather forecast. With the help of this app you can know the weather forecast of any place any time. How cool is that? The forecast is also available in 12 languages and provides forecast of the coming days as well.

  • NBA Game time:

Are you a NBA fan? Then this is the must have app for you. With the help of this app you can stay updated about every score and news and you can also watch highlights any time you wish. The great thing about this app is that it is available for free. Paid premium subscribers can watch live games.

  • YouTube:

Everyone knows about YouTube. It is the most popular video viewing site. Its viewership numbers are staggering and many people make a living by uploading YouTube videos. So if you enjoy watching YouTube videos on your mobile or laptop, why not enjoy them on the bigger screen on your TV. It is a free app and you only need to have an active internet connection to enjoy watching videos. It is definitely one of the must have smart TV apps.

  • Skype:

Another popular app that needs no mention. Skype has allowed people in different corners of the world to be in touch through video chat. It is simple and doesn’t cost money and it requires only internet connection. If you enjoy video chatting with your friends or family on your mobile or PC, imagine how it great it will feel to see them and interact with them on your TV.

  • Pandora:

If music is your passion, then you got to have this app. It will make your TV a part of your home music system. Not only that, the song quality will be much better than the versions you play on your mobile or laptop. With amazing collection of songs of different genre, you can enjoy your favorite tunes whenever you wish to.

  • Amazon Instant:

Still relying on your cable subscription for movies and TV series? You need not do that anymore. You can now enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on the go with Amazon instant. It streams series from different studios and has a subscription rate of only $99 annually.

  • Netflix:

Needless to say, Netflix is the most used app among smart TV apps and no wonder it is so. It provides unparallel range of TV shows from studios all over the world. Its catalogue is huge and it even provides shows and movies unavailable in your area. So you can say goodbye to your local cable subscription and subscribe to the new sensation named Netflix.

So as you can see, a smart TV loaded with smart TV apps provides utility and diversity which cannot be matched by a traditional TV. So get home a smart TV today and revolutionize your TV viewing experience.

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