New TV Shows of Summer 2013

While most people look forward to the start of the fall TV season, there is certainly an appeal to summer television! Some of the best shows air in the summer, and some of the very worst appear, as well. If you’re interested in learning more about the yays and nays of the TV realm that are expected to pop up this summer, keep reading!

Motive (ABC)

This drama apparently attempts to put a different spin on the typical cop show. Each episode begins with the victim, working backwards as the end of each installment reveals the perpetrator and his or her motivation for the kill. Starring Kristen Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Roger R. Cross, and others, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this new show is truly innovative or not!

The Goodwin Games (Fox)

Starring Scott Foley, Becki Newton, and T.J. Miller, The Goodwin Games is a new comedy about a group of siblings attempting to find themselves, and their family, as they try to inherit their father’s money after his passing. Having premiered on May 20th, this one looks like it has the potential to be a keeper.

Save Me (NBC)

Save Me revolves around one woman’s (Anne Heche) link to God and the craziness that ensues. Her husband is skeptical as most people would be, but when weird things start to happen, he may just start to believe. While this one may not be up everyone’s alley, it might be worth tuning in to see.

The American Baking Competition (CBS)

We all love reality TV. We all love food. A combination of the two? Perfection! Based on a British TV series, Jeff Foxworthy hosts The American Baking Competition. And you guessed it…it’s about baking! 10 home cooks attempt to win the title of best amateur baker, seemingly showing their hits and misses along the way.

Princesses: Long Island (Bravo)

Premiering in June, this new series puts a different spin on the typical “real housewives” type shows. Instead of housewives, however, we have college educated women from wealthy areas of Long Island that still, for whatever reason, live at home with their families. It might be a ridiculous trainwreck, but the comedy and drama will probably be quite prevalent. If you can handle it, try checking this one out.

Mistresses (ABC)

Starring Alyssa Milano, Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytas, and Jes Macallan, this new show follows four women and their love lives as they are seemingly flirting with disaster. And, you guessed it, some are already mistresses or may become one as the show progresses. Steamy and sexy, this might be a good summer show to relax with. After all, on screen drama is much better than having your own to deal with.

The Fosters (ABC Family)

Executive producer J-Lo brings this new drama to the tube, the story surrounding a multi-ethnic family being raised by two working moms. Bringing a troubled teen into the picture, I’m sure lots of family fights, dramatic door slamming, and improper use of curse words shall occur. This might be a hit among the younger crowd, and the lesbian couple raising a family hasn’t been seen all that often thus far.

72 Hours (TNT)

Are you a sucker for survival shows? If you said yes, then you might want to tune into TNT’s new reality show entitled 72 hours. In this new series, contestants are set free in the wilderness with a bottle of water and a GPS. Their goal? Find a briefcase full of money! If you’re interested in seeing quite the struggle, I’m sure 72 Hours is for you!

King and Maxwell (TNT)

If you love cop type shows, King and Maxwell may be for you…though there is a new spin on this one. Based on David Baldacci’s book series, the show follows two secret service agents who have now become private eyes. Starring Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney, this one has the potential to be good.

Devious Maids (Lifetime)

This new series is Desperate Housewives-esque…but much different in the sense that the stars are maids for the rich and famous. Based in Beverley Hills, the show centers around four women who clean up the messes of their bosses while reveling in the drama and gossip. Of course, they all have their own agendas, as well. Sounds pretty juicy, ehh?

Under the Dome (CBS)

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, you may want to check this one out. Based on his novel of the same name, Under the Dome explores what happens when a small town becomes encapsulated by an impenetrable dome. This certainly has potential and may be one of the best successes of the summer.

Ray Donovan (Showtime)

Starring Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan is a new series about a guy who makes the problems of LA’s wealthiest disappear. Showtime usually has some good hits, and the intensity and intrigue of this one has won me over. I think it’s safe to say Ray Donovan is worth an initial hour of your time to test the waters.

Whose Line is it Anyway? (The CW)

This revamp of the old series is definitely the most anticipated on my end. The improv comedy will no longer be hosted by Drew Carey, but Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie will all be returning. The prior series was laugh out loud funny, and I imagine these comedians will keep it just as hilarious.

Perfect Score (The CW)

It just wouldn’t be summer television without a dating show in the mix. Perfect Score is a half hour series featuring two friends who compete to see who can choose their ideal mate from a pool of 12 contestants. In the end, the winner can nab a date and some money, and it looks like us viewers may be in for a good time along the way.

Which new series are you most excited for? Which ones do you think will be total failures?

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