New Destiny 2.0 update

Just about everything you need to know about the new Destiny 2.0 update

Even though everyone involved with the latest major update to the hit online game Destiny agreed that it took a lot longer to get published and most people thought it would, most gamers are overwhelmed – and overjoyed – with all of the new changes that Destiny 2.0 brings to the table.

If you’ve been playing Destiny ever since launch, or if you have just recently decided to jump on board makes no difference. Destiny 2.0 has almost completely rewritten everything that has come before it, enhancing gameplay, evening out weapons, and adding a lot of essential gameplay modes and extras that players have been begging for.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into everything that the new Destiny 2.0 update delivers, giving you a bit of inside information about the major changes that will no doubt transform the way that you play this FPS online game.

Here we go!

New content to tie in with Destiny: The Taken King

Bungee, the people behind Destiny, have always been incredibly upfront and honest about the impact that they want DLC to have on the overall Destiny experience.

Even though they launched the original game with a lot of content for players to chew, they always understood that DLC would be the name of the game as far as the longevity of this title was concerned – and they certainly exceeded expectations when they released the biggest chunk of Downloadable Content in the form of The Taken King.

A big focus behind the Destiny 2.0 updates has been to add even more content to that DLC, adding more weapon parts, upgrades, and accessories while at the same time nerfing parts of the game that players were finding to be pretty unfair.

There is even more DLC content intended to be released in the future to tie in with The Taken King, with Guardians having the opportunity to buy parts directly from the Gunsmith. Stay tuned for more info!

More weapons parts to address the “drought”

Regular Destiny players had been complaining for some time that there was a serious weapons parts shortage, but with the new 2.0.1 downloadable patch and update this has been adjusted considerably.

When you turn in parts you’ll get less faction reputation points, only getting 50 rep points for every 25 parts that you turn in instead of the older 75 rep points you would have gotten previously. This is all done in an effort to push more weapons parts out into the world, rather than have them turned in to NPC characters that “evaporator” those parts that could have been used by newer players.

A new vendor sells all three legendary swords – but there’s a catch

The Destiny 2.0 patch added some pretty interesting new pieces of inventory for sword distributor Lord Shaxx. Now any player that has obtained any of the exotic swords through the “Blademaster” quest will have the chance to purchase any of the three legendary swords available in game directly from this retailer.

If you’d love to hack and slash your way to the top of the leaderboard, you’re going to want to get your hands on these three legendary swords just as soon as humanly possible!

The Iron Banner is back!

While a lot of people are (understandably) focused mostly on the large laundry list of improvements to the regular Crucible style in events, Bungee has – in their infinite wisdom, and because of pressure from the player base – decided to bring back the Iron Banner.


Not only that, but the rewards for competing in this event are going to be raised dramatically, and you’ll be able to get a 20% point boost on all Iron Banner rep points. This is some game changing stuff here, and just might be the most exciting news to come out of the Destiny 2.0 patch update (outside of all the new additional weapons and accessories that have been added into the mix, of course).

At the end of the day, Destiny 2.0 is a major overhaul of one of the most popular next generation video games ever released. The patch addresses a significant amount of issues, resolves bugs and glitches, and provides a ton of new content that players are going to be able to enjoy almost immediately.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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