The Trends in Men’s Fashion for 2013

With Spring 2013 just beginning, there are some new trends that are emerging in men’s fashion that are worth a look. Whatever your personal style may be, there is something featured in 2013 that will appeal to all tastes.

Suit Suit Riot

Along with the prominence of color this spring season, there has also been a push towards more tailored clothing. Fashion lines like Paul Smith and Gucci have been leaders in the bold, single-colored tailored suit. From rich green, burnt orange, and teal and several shades in between, the suits give off a Mediterranean vibe that work well into the summer months. Whether single-breasted or double-breasted is your taste, this look is sure to leave a sleek, streamlined impression on the streets.

Even more daring than the single colored suit? Roberto Cavalli, who historically has never been afraid of mixing and matching bold prints and patterns, went one step further and brought the metallic suit to the runways this year. In rich shades of purple, turquoise, and blues, the label that never plays it safe has proven yet again that being fashion forward pays huge dividends.

Arguably one of the most ambitious and avant garde fashion houses around, Alexander McQueen’s current line featured blazers and pants in bronze, dragonfly patterns, and block patterning. Paired with Chuck Taylor shoes, this is the look that metrosexuals, hipsters, and those that worship the concrete jungles of large metropolises will be wearing throughout the year.

Pink is the New Black

Slowly but surely, the color pink has inched its way into the closets of more men than any generation before. Whether referred to as fuchsia or salmon, the color pink has re-invented itself as one of the go-to colors for designers and their men’s lines. Now that the stigma of wearing what once before was perceived as a feminine color has fallen by the wayside, a growing segment of the male population are not afraid to go pink. Before, the color was only used on accessories such as socks and ties, but now, it is being prominently featured in full effect on blazers, pants, and even male handbags. Probably the most popular way that pink is worn currently is in men’s shirts. Light V-neck sweaters, tank tops, and short-sleeved button down shirts are the look to get this year.

Pink: strong enough for a woman, and now made…for a man.

The Stripes Are Alright

Stripes are forever, a trend that never seems to end. This year, the pattern gets a slight update, with Regatta and the pinstripe getting more action than previous years. Another interesting twist on this staple? The use of clashing colors to add even more dramatic touches to the visual premise of stripes. A brand that has become synonymous with the striped look, Jean Paul Gaultier has taken their signature look and applied it to Breton stripes in bold black and reds on scoop neck sweaters, dress shirts, and even blazers. For the man that dares to be daring, this is a look that will gain traction on the streets. Another label that works liberally with stripes, Tommy Hilfiger, also this season features stripes on tees and shorts for that classic look that shows no signs of wearing down. At the end of the day, there is hardly a man around that can go wrong with a few stripes in his sartorial arsenal.

Camo Ammo

In previous years, camouflage styles were thought to be going the way of extinction, but by the sheer determination of several designers adamant about placing it at the forefront of their lines, camouflage prints have come back full force and are now considered one of the biggest trends of 2013. Not only are camouflage patterns featured prominently on bomber jackets, but now they have found their way on even sleeker versions to wear for any time of year. Noted designers such as Valentino and Dries Von Noten have taken the look to the next level in chic and paired it with classic pants. The versatility of the print has expanded even further, making its way into the collections of others as pants and board shorts. As an accessory, camouflage bags have always been a mainstay and some things never change.

Who Left The Sleeves Off?

For those that have been bundled up in long jackets, sweaters, and parkas for the past few months, now has come the time to throw those clothes at the back of the closet and venture into possibly unchartered territory. The sleeveless jacket and coat is making big waves this year in men’s fashion. Although there have been some detractors to this particular trend, it cannot be denied that the look has definitely surged to the forefront of many magazine lists because it offers an alternative to the traditional jacket that all men wear. If you are going to venture into sleeveless territory, you want to be sure that your arms are toned enough to pull of this look. For the urban man on the go, this is the look that will have them looking at you for one reason or another. Designers like Jil Sander and Versace have added the trend to their recent collections and the patterns encompass a wide range of options from metallic colors to bedazzled to geometric patterns. Notably, this trend has been taken to the next level as a short suit option. Paired with matching shorts and dress shoes, the sleeveless blazer/tailored shorts combination may not be for everyone, but it is definitely a look that leaves an impression.

The Essence of Fluorescents

Wearing anything in a fluorescent color for men is akin to the color pink in their wardrobe. The color scheme has made a huge comeback in recent years as designers travel back in time to the mid-80s to recapture the decade that epitomized big, bold, and brash. For men of a certain age, these colors may be a stretch, but for the hipster or city dweller, fluorescent fashion is not the question, it’s the answer. Salvatore Ferragamo defiantly bucks the traditional and this year is no exception, offering outfits that are loud from head to toe. If you cannot wear neon orange, flashy greens, and loud purples, you may want to skip this designer this year. But make no mistake that the look and theme of men’s fashion when it comes to fluorescents is clear: bright lights, big fashion!

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