In Japan.. No Dancing!

Tokyo is home to hundreds of nightclubs, all of which are mostly the same as their Western equivalents.

Edgy names like ‘Womb’ and ‘The Warehouse’, gorgeous ambient lighting mixed with the blinding flashes of strobes and lasers, massively overpriced drinks and ear destroyingly loud bass.

All of this sounds pretty normal so far, right? Well, it is, except for the teeny little fact that dancing is illegal.

Wait, what? Dancing? In a nightclub?

After midnight, yes. You can expect to get in trouble for it.

If there’s one nation I’d fully expect to have a ludicrous law like no dancing in a nightclub it’d be Japan, but even this is taking the piss.

Apparently the law stems from from a ruling made in 1948 to ban dancing in nightclubs after midnight to try and eliminate crime gangs and prostitution that were becoming pervasive throughout Japanese cities. Obviously times changed and traditional Western-style nightclubs moved into town, all of which run well past midnight without hordes of prostitutes and gangsters overwhelming them, but the law remains. Remember, no dancing – it’s for your own safety.

Now I don’t know how strictly the Japanese authorities enforce this hilarious law, but apparently, they do enforce it: see this article from the Japan Probe, highlighting a recent incident in which a large nightclub in Tokyo called Vanity was raided by police, resulting in the arrest of the club’s managers – for the heinous crime of allowing dancing in their establishment past midnight.

Here’s some more pictures helpfully instructing citizens to please not dance under any circumstances, lest they incur the wrath of the authorities.

Image Credit: Till Twenty Five

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