Infobarrel Earnings: How Much Can You Make?

Let’s face it – everyone wants to make money online. It’s the dream, the intangible yet tantalising vision floating on the horizon yet never quite within reach. InfoBarrel, an article submission site, has been touted by many as the best current way to make money online. But just how much can you make? Let’s take a look.

I’m sure you’ve noticed on the InfoBarrel website it lists several high profile contributors who claim they make up to $3,000 a month in extra income from the site. It sounds wonderful, but is this realistic? And how much work is actually required to get to that level? Is it feasible for the average blogger? We’ve taken a look at some income reports from regular contributors and taken into account our own experiences to give you a fair and honest appraisal of the validity of InfoBarrel as a secondary (or even primary) income source.

First, the InfoBarrel forums have a regular thread entitled ‘InfoBarrel Earnings Reports’. This is where InfoBarrel members get together at the end of each month to report their earnings for that period. Whether it’s a bunch of ego-driven exaggeration or hyperbole is a matter for your own judgement, but let’s take a look at some of the reports.

To get our figures, we compiled a list of 300 InfoBarrel members over a 12 month reporting period, from March 2012 to March 2013. We then added the monthly earnings figures for each of these members into a spreadsheet in order to get some juicy statistics and results.

We found that (and this might disappoint you a little) the average earnings from InfoBarrel per month was $46.71. Nothing that’s going to make you quit your day job in a hurry. However, keep in mind that the average can be skewed by people who barely contribute anything to the site, only a few articles a month perhaps, and it might not accurately represent what you can earn if you are a solid, regular contributor who treats it as a genuine job.

The good news is there were several examples of people reporting fairly significant incomes from the site. We noticed one chap who reporting average monthly earnings of about $1,200, alongside all his other income from sources such as Squidoo and maintaining niche sites, but keep in mind the number of articles he had published was in the thousands.

Think about how long it would take you to write thousands of articles for InfoBarrel, and compare that to what you’d earn with just a regular day job or even a part-time job waiting tables.

The key thing to consider with InfoBarrel, is that while the potential earnings are certainly not astronomical, the income is passive. This means that although it’ll take a lot of hard work to get your articles written and get yourself established on the site, once you’ve done so, you literally don’t have to do anything else.

The income stream will keep rolling in, regardless of whether you’re on holidays in the Caribbean or sailing across the Pacific, or sitting at home working on another project. THIS is the reason people keep coming contributing InfoBarrel, not the promise of grand riches.

All in all, then, we found the income figures from InfoBarrel a little disappointing, really, considering the hype about it, but there’s certainly potential there. Just be aware, before you spend days or weeks of your time writing articles, that you won’t become a millionaire overnight.

You most likely even won’t be able to establish a full time income from InfoBarrel. But you might be able to get a nice little passive income stream going, and that’s motivation enough for some people.

photo credit: arboltsef via photopin cc

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