Honda Accord Tail Lights

The Honda Accord is a gorgeous car, a Mercedes made for the average man’s budget. It has that legendary Japanese build quality that makes it so reliable and such a pleasure to drive. There’s a huge variety of custom tail lights for the Accord, and we look at how to replace your current tail lights and show you some of the better alternative and replacement tail lights available.

At Coconut Daily, we always say the more you know about your car the better. It might seem a trivial matter, but knowing how to replace the tail lights on your Accord could save you some pennies and a hassle in taking it to the shop for a relatively minor incident. You can also customise your car by installing one of the many sets of custom tail lights available online over the Internet, from reputable sources such as Amazon and eBay.

Changing The Tail Lights On Your Accord

The exact process you’ll need to do to remove the existing tail light depends slightly on the exact model of Accord that you own.

First let’s look at the tools you’ll need for the job:

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillipshead Screwdriver
  • 10mm Wrench and Ratchet

You can’t just unscrew the light – you need to unscrew the bumper to be able to remove the tail lights.

To remove the bumper, you’ll have to find the location of the bolts/screws that are keeping it in. This will vary on each Honda Accord model, but generally you will find 2 screws behind the bumper and about 4 tabs/plates underneath the bonnet that conceal bolts. Pry off these tabs and unscrew the bolts using the wrench. There might also be (depending on the model) pins on the underside of the bumper. You’ll need to pull the centre part of the pins out to remove them.

Once the bumper is off, there will be another series of bolts (usually 10mm) around the tail light itself. Remove these and take the bulbs out of the tail light by accessing them from inside the bonnet. Once done, remove the tail light.

If you’re putting in a new tail light, remove the screw holding the bracket onto the tail light so you can put it on the new one. Put the new light back into place and reinsert the bolts and screws.

Custom/Replacement Tail Lights

There’s a large assortment of very attractive custom tail lights (including LED tail lights) that look fantastic on the Accord. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Spyder Honda Accord Black Altezza

Spyder Honda Accord 98-00 4Dr Altezza Tail Lights – Chrome

Spyder Auto ALT-YJ9293TLZ4-BK-H Honda Accord 4-Door Black Halo Euro Tail Light

Spyder Auto ALT-YJ9293TLZ4-RD-H Honda Accord 4-Door Red Euro Tail Light

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