The Glitched King

The Glitched King is a very cool short film made by California Institute of the Arts student Michael Piazza. Check it out here.

The Glitched King is a 3D animated short tale about an astronaut awakening from his cyro-slumber to find himself on a strange and unrecognized alien planet, freaking out (naturally) and calling for rescue only to find the inhabitants have something unexpected in store for him.

The animation style is very Pixar-like, snappy and cartoonish, with subtlety in the characters’ movements and expressions to make you think it’s a professional-level production. The facial expressions of the protagonist, the astronaut, in particular really help to lend character to the story and the attention to detail in the movements of the aliens’ are very amusing, adding a unique charm to the film. Check it out below, from Vimeo.

The Glitched King from Michael Piazza on Vimeo.

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