Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, Bossa Nova Style

Daft Punk’s newest album Random Access Memories is the dance monstrosity of an album everyone thought it’d be, crushing sales and hype records alike.

There’s been a few cover versions of the album’s first single, Get Lucky, released so far – none better than this, by American psychedelic soul band The Stepkids, a sexy fusion of punk, jazz, West African traditional, 1960s folk, neo and classic soul.

The Stepkids bring a huge dollop of Bossa Nova to Daft Punk’s hit track, a style of Brazilian music that fuses samba and jazz.

Their cover of Get Lucky is pretty much immaculate – the subtle, jazzy drumming of Tim Walsh, the gorgeous, smooth jazz guitar of Jeff Gitelman (formerly the guitarist for Alicia Keys) and the delicate and delicious double bass, played by Dan Edinberg.

The band have come off recent tours to the United Kingdom and Australia, and after hearing this amazing version of Get Lucky, we can’t wait to hear their next album.

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