Best Headphones for Movies

There’s nothing better than sitting back on the couch to enjoy a movie late at night – but equally, there’s not much worse than an explosion that’s a little too loud that wakes up your children, or worse, your spouse. We provide a comprehensive list of the best headphones specifically tailored for watching movies that will allow you to avoid the wrath of your significant other.

There are a number of high-quality headphones out there that are specifically tailored for watching movies, providing the right blend of crisp, clean and clear dialogue, thundering, skull-shattering explosions and epic, sweeping music. One complaint we often hear from people who are unhappy with their current headphones is that they simply don’t provide enough bass to get the full experience out of a movie.

It’s all well and good having clear treble, but if you’re watching that latest Marvel comic book flick or action movie, you are definitely going to want powerful bass – bass you can feel reverberating around your ears – to create that cinematic experience that we all crave. But how do you know which headphones are best suited for movies? Follow this guide. We’ll run through the details and individual qualities of each pair of headphones that we have personally tested and picked out as providing an amazing experience for watching movies.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Price: $178.00 (250 ohms model)

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro are, put simply, one of the best sets of headphones you can possibly get, regardless of whether you’re watching movies or listening to music. They are designed to encapsulate your ears, keeping sound confined solely to the area inside the headphones. This serves two purposes. One, it keeps the sounds of the film inside the headphones, so it retains a crystal clear and undisturbed quality. Two, it acts as a noise barrier, preventing you from hearing anything going on around you, so you don’t need to crank the headphones to maximum volume just to hear the dialogue in the movie.

As far as the sound quality itself goes, it’s very bassy. These are definitely bass headphones, designed for the hip-hop or electronic music aficionado, which is what makes them so good for movies. They’re also as strong as iron. You can throw these headphones around the room, in your backpack, even step on them repeatedly. They simply won’t break.

AKG K 550

Price: $299.95

The K 550 headphones, from Austrian-based audio manufacturer AKG, offer a mature, natural sound signature with a touch of class. These are slightly less bassier than the DT770 Pro’s, but still capable of providing eardrum-rattling low frequencies and visceral, intense, lively sound. They are more open, more real, less edgy than the DT770’s, offering a refined soundscape full of rich tones and rumbling bass. The K 550’s can be used for any purpose, whether it’s gaming, movies, or music, but they are particularly suited to movies.

The K 550 headphones have a 50mm (2″) driver, which is the biggest driver in the AKG headphone range and provides outstanding sound from any source. They have comfortable, soft padded large ear cups with a lightweight band design. They are extremely high performance headphones, suitable for any purpose but absolutely spectacular for enjoying movies with.

Ultrasone Pro2900

Price: $549.95

Most likely the first thing you’ll notice about these bad boys is that they are expensive. Really expensive, at a retail price of $549.95. But there’s a good reason for that, for these are without any doubt the highest quality, professional-level headphones money can buy. It does seem like a tad bit of overkill to place the Pro2900’s in a section devoted to watching movies, but the reality is that if you want the absolute best sound quality money can buy – if you’re a true audiophile and cinephile – you’ll want a pair of these.

The Pro2900’s deliver sound in a vibrant, 3 dimensional space from its stiff titanium-plated drivers, providing an incredibly dense bass sound, so thick you swear you could almost manipulate the sound with your fingers. The headphones provide a well balanced and even-handed frequency response and tonal sophistication to die for, so if you’re looking for a more upmarket device that will provide the most tangible increase to your movie watching experience, you can’t really go wrong with the Pro2900’s.

Sennheiser HD600

Price: $399.95

The HD600’s, from legendary German audio manufacturer Sennheiser, are an open ear design headphone with computer-optimized neodymium magnet systems (designed to minimize distortion), which drive a near-flawless sound via lightweight aluminum voice coils. The HD 600’s really shine when watching movies as the open ear design creates an open ‘soundscape’ feel, similar to being in a giant theater. They deliver a huge range of the audio spectrum, digging deep into the bass registers, and reaching way up into the higher frequencies.

The clarity of sound produced by the HD600’s is breathtaking. Watching movies, you feel as though you can hear elements of the film previously undiscovered; every breath and sigh of the actors comes to vivid life in your eardrums, music is reproduced with such quality as to sound almost magical to your ears.

Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Price: $99.95

Finally, we come to this fantastic offering from renowned audio manufacturers, Audio Tehnica. If you’re been aghast at the high prices of the headphones we’ve covered so far, the ATH-AD700 might be more suited to you – at only $99.95, they are an absolute steal, given they are fully featured open ear headphones with almost perfect tone, high-definition accuracy and pristine and delicate sound reproduction. The open-air design of the AD700’s seem to extend the high notes a little more than comparable models, and the bass is punchy and solid yet not overbearing.

The ATH-AD700’s prove that more expensive doesn’t always necessarily mean better.

photo credit: Pete Prodoehl via photopin cc

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