Bankruptcy Alternatives Around the World

Bankruptcy’s no easy way out of debt, but the good news is – it’s not the only way out either! If you’re thinking about insolvency, don’t panic until you’ve found out more about your options. Did you know a lot of Australians avoid Bankruptcy by starting a Debt Agreement or a Personal Insolvency Agreement?

Find out more about them in this ‘Insolvency Around the World’ infographic from Debt Advisory Centre Scotland.

  • It’ll show you how the three Australian options work.
  • It’ll show you where to go for more information.
  • It’ll explain what other English-speaking countries do to help people with serious money problems.
  • And it’ll put it all in perspective. Put it this way – if there’s no way you can repay your debts, you’ll be glad you don’t live in the Republic of Ireland!

Insolvency Around the World

Insolvency Around the World – fact sheet from Trust Deed provider DAC Scotland

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