7 Funny Youtube Channels

Youtube is a surprisingly good place to find unique, creative and funny material in moving picture form. In its early days, the ratio of quality content to unwatchable, weepy teenage monologues was very low, but since the monetisation of Youtube the quality has improved drastically and some channels are almost as good as commercial productions. We step through 7 particularly hilarious ones.

Whilst there are many, many great channels on Youtube that cover all kinds of weird and wonderful things, there are also equally many horrendously bad and horrendously unfunny Justin Bieber-wannabe pieces of garbage that make a shotgun blast to the face sound appealing – not naming anything in particular but some of the ‘popular’ channels are included in this category. So we’ve decided to try and keep this list to genuinely funny channels only, not just the popular ones. We’ll cover more of the documentary-style or informative channels in a later article. For now, then, we present the 7 funniest Youtube channels at the moment. Enjoy, mofos!

Number 1

Magic of Rahat

This dude pulls off some utterly hilarious pranks. Check out the floating cup. ‘Is that floating?’ ‘Yeah.’

Number 2

RĂ©mi Gaillard

This French crazyman baffles and bewilders pedestrians around the country as he emulates his favourite video game characters, and sometimes gets into a little more trouble than he can chew…

Number 3


This channel showcases some of the best stand-up comedians working today at the Laugh Factory, a stand-up comedy venue out of Los Angeles.

Number 4

penguiz0 (critikal)

This guy does in-game commentary for classic console games and is one of the funniest guys on YouTube.

Number 5


edbassmaster sets up some ridiculously elaborate pranks that are always genuinely funny. Check out this video of him hijacking a parent/teacher interview.

Number 6


Brit Stuart Ashens somehow finds some of the most ill-conceived toys and action figures ever created by man, and hilariously reviews them in this channel.

Number 7

Bad Lip Reading

This crew dub over scenes from recent movies with equal combination of ingenious and bizarre non-sequiturs.

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