7 Funny Football Pics of the Week: 6 May 2013

There’s some undeniably genius photoshop experts and image manipulation artists on the Web. We thought what better way to honour these talented folk then to present a weekly compendium of 7 of the funniest football related pictures each week. This week saw the Luis Suarez biting incident, of course, so it’s heavily dominated by the Uruguayan.

Number 1

Luis Suarez in The Walking Dead

AMC’s popular zombie show is populated by the UK’s most famously nefarious elbow-munching zombie, Luis Suarez.

Number 2

Jurgen Klopp in From Borussia With Love

Jurgen Klopp is probably suave enough to be Bond. Too bad he’s German. Maybe he could play a villain?

Number 3


Have a taste of All-Branislav, the newest cereal on the market that tastes remarkably like Serbian elbow skin.

Number 4

The sign is all-knowing!

Not a photoshop as such, just an astute observer capturing a rather fortuitous yet accurate road sign.

Number 5

High-class goalkeeping

This one’s just weird. Taken from Twitter, this pic is of an amateur match in Ireland. Oh, we’re out of goalkeeping jerseys? No problem! I’ll just chuck on my best suit!

Number 6

Fat Frank Chases a Meal

This one’s old, but still funny.

Number 7

Mario does the Catwalk

Harking back to Euro 2012. Mario’s looking mighty swish, isn’t he? The lad’s got it all.

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