The 5 Best Internet Comics

Once an integral part of the daily newspaper, the decline of the traditional broadsheet in favour of digital media has not led to a corresponding decline in the quality or quantity of comic strips – in fact, quite the opposite. The ease of self publishing in this new digital age has lead to an influx of brilliantly inspired and creative comics, and we reveal five of the best currently out there.

We’ve tried to include a list of Internet comics that cater to all tastes; from those seeking the crass and shocking to those seeking the more refined, witty style of classics such as Dilbert. Without further ado, let’s get right into the list.

Cyanide and happiness

Illustrated and written by British cartoonist Kris Wilson and his friends, this comic is simplistic in style, conveyed entirely in stick figures, but portrays unrelentingly violent and hilarious situations that will be sure to make you laugh and shock you at the same time. In the vein of South Park, the jokes are often based around dark and controversial topics like AIDS, abortion and suicide, so if dark and twisted humour is your bag, this is the comic for you. Names have been assigned to only those characters that appear frequently.


One of the most popular Internet comics around, updated daily by the cartoonist Anthony Clark, this is perhaps the best comic for those who love the serialized style of TV soaps as it establishes a series of characters which are developed and grow throughout the series. It is a comic that shares the adventures of a bear named Bearato and a blue bird named Reginald, who is his best friend. The characters are drawn in a relatively crude style, but this comic series is all about the storytelling and the humor, not artistic flair.

The adventures of Dr. McNinja

One of the longest running Internet comic series on the Web is Dr McNinja, a six year old webcomic drawn and written by Christopher Hastings, about a 35 year old guy called Dr. McNinja, who leads a double life as a doctor as well as a ninja. Although he is addressed by this name, his actual name is never revealed. He shares his adventures as a ninja and talks about his experiences as a doctor. He is shown to be killing and healing at the same time. Ironically portrayed, his situations can actually make you jump off your seat and laugh. Published thrice a week. it tops the chart as the most preferred and liked comic strip online by many comic readers.


If you think you’d enjoy a comic series that rips into pop culture and satirizes modern society with unparalleled wit and lucidity, then you will definitely adore Overcompensating. Written and regularly updated by creator Jeffrey Rowland, this comic strip has extremely high productive values and offers hilarious insight and parody of modern culture. It takes you to a world of the mind of a little boy who thinks of himself as a cowboy poet, running the largest distribution company of webcomics in the world. With only a few characters that can draw you closer to this adorably kiddish world, this comic strip can replace the funny TV shows that you loyally watch every week.

Saturday morning breakfast cereal (SMBC)

Cleverly and artistically written by Weinersmith, this comic strip goes from single panel to even 10 panels. What makes the reader so attracted towards this webcomic is that there is no specific format, no story line and no recurring characters and that’s what makes it different and unpredictable every time. The aspect of not having repeated plots is what makes it widely famous among the readers. The topics vary from God to atheism, dating to break ups, science to maths, and so on.

Written by Narajesh Kumar

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