5 Best Android apps for work productivity

Sifting through the thousands of apps available on the Google Play market for something that can actually contribute to your daily productivity can be a time-consuming and frustrating chore. But some tremendously useful and deceptively powerful apps exist that will help you to get more done and stay on track towards meeting your daily goals. We present 5 of the best available Android apps for work productivity.

1. Any.Do

Any.Do is a primarily a task management app that helps you organize both work and personal related tasks. It has a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to add your tasks to the task manager. You can then easily arrange, make notes on and review your tasks and the progress you’ve made on the tasks. It also allows you to sort them by date or name, so that the next task is the first on the list.

You can also set an alarm that will notify you by a sound when it’s time to do a certain task.

There is also an option of sharing tasks. You can share certain tasks with a person or persons if you need their assistance. After finishing a certain task, you can cross it and it will fall to the bottom of the list. Then if you shake your phone, it will be deleted.

2. Google Drive

Love it or hate it, but the cloud here to stay, and it can save you vast amounts of time and energy. Google are one of the leading companies in the cloud space, providing a vast array of cloud-based services, most of which can be managed and accessed with this ultra-useful app. Google drive is an ideal app for working with documents that will be stored in the cloud,and sharing with other employees.

The app also abolishes the need to install and maintain separate apps for different document formats; such as PDF files and MS-Office files. Google Drive also allows you to create and edit presentations, documents and spreadsheets, together with your staff even when they are miles away, and they can see the chances instantly. It also has a powerful feature that helps you to find files faster.

3. Pocket Informant

Most Android devices generally have pretty good calendar and contact apps on the devices by default. However, a lot of them provide only basic calendar functionality; Pocket Informant fills that space by providing a fully integrated task management and to-do list system within a calendar framework. The app allows you to break down
your to-do list into manageable tasks and takes control of your events, providing programmable reminders and updates.

For instance if you are prone to forget things when you are on the move, Pocket Informant will help you program a location alert, which will remind you when you are near a particular location or close to a particular event.

4. Documents to Go

As the name implies, this app is specifically designed for travelling business people who need easy and fast access to documents of all types. The Documents To Go app for Android allows you to view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments and files from your phone. It lets you view, edit and print documents in several formats such as .doc, .xls, .docx, .ppt, .xlsx, .pdf and .pptx. Keep in mind, however, that the free version of this application does not allow you to edit documents – you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version for that feature.

5. Exchange by TouchDown

Several Android smartphones and tablets can handle Microsoft Exchange email very well, but this is not the case across the Android world. Exchange by Touchdown syncs contacts, emails tasks and calendars on your Android device. Exchange by TouchDown is packed with numerous features that allow you to connect and fully integrate your mobile device with a Microsoft exchange server. The end result is that you can send and receive email on your Android device just the way you use your desktop Outlook client.

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