5 Amazing Upcoming Android Games

Android gaming has come of age of late, with several major studios turning their attention to Android development and some high-profile games even being exclusive to Google’s mobile operating system. With the imminent release of the Ouya, the first ever Android console, we thought it’d be a great time to preview some of the most exciting upcoming Android games of the next few months.

1. Dead Trigger 2

Expected Release Date: Q2 2013

Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel to one of the best and most graphically impressive first person shooter games ever released on mobile platforms, with the original earning Apple’s ‘Best of 2012’ award and providing truly spectacular visuals on par with major console platforms.

This sequel, which is expected to be released for Android in the second quarter of 2013, will up the ante graphically to a level not seen in any game yet on mobile devices – just check out this short clip from the game and your jaw will most assuredly drop.

The game’s developers, Czech-Republic based studio Madfinger Games, are still tight-lipped on specifics about the game’s story or gameplay details, but promise that the original will be improved and expanded upon in every way. “Compared to Dead Trigger, the sequel Dead Trigger 2 is going to be even bigger, better, and much more addictive,” Marek Rabas, Madfinger’s co-founder, said.

Dead Trigger 2 will be optimised for next generation tablet and smartphone devices, particularly those that will utilise NVIDIA’s latest chipset, the Tegra 4, the system-on-a-chip hardware with a quad-core CPU and ultra-powered Geforce graphics processor.

2. Ong Bak Tri

Expected Release Date: June 2013

Martial arts fans everywhere would immediately recognise the title of this upcoming game from Studio Hive, as the game is an adaptation of the Muay Thai action flick from 2003 starring the legendary Tony Jaa, Ong Bak.

Ong Bak Tri is a 2.5D (3D graphics with 2D movement) side-scrolling beat em’ up and platformer hybrid, combining elements of old-school platformers such as Donkey Kong Country with more action-oriented side scrolling games like Prince of Persia and Streets of Rage.

It’s expected to have a global release across virtually all gaming platforms; not just the mobile ones, so expect to see Tony Jaa (or at least his virtual equivalent) brawling and kicking ass on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as iPhone, iPad and Android devices come mid-2013. Check out the teaser trailer here.

3. Assassin’s Creed: Utopia

Expected Release Date: Sometime in 2013

Another amazing looking upcoming Android game is Assassin’s Creed: Utopia, an upcoming mobile game based on the incredibly popular Assassin’s Creed series by Ubisoft. While it obviously shares story elements with the console series, and supposedly leads in to the events of Assassin’s Creed III, it is a completely different type of game – not a 3D third person action/stealth hybrid, but a city builder. As tenuous as the link between the Assassin’s Creed franchise and an isometric city building game may be, it’s without doubt going to have all the high budget polish of a Ubisoft title and might just provide that intensely addictive element that has captivated millions to similar games.

Ubisoft have decided to capitalise on the enormous popularity of town-building type games such as The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Farmville, and designed AC: Utopia from the ground up to be a social-oriented town building game set at the beginning of the 17th century, during the colonisation of the Americas, in which the player is tasked with building a colonial city populated by the New World’s first Assassins. The ‘utopia’ in the title refers to the idealistic dreams of the hordes of desperate and deprived immigrants to create a true utopian civilisation, away from the corruption, monarchists and inequality of Old World Europe.

Assassin’s Creed: Utopia isn’t all about town building, though – you’ll be able to do battle with your own legion of Assassins against enemies and friends across the Internet in turn-based 3D battles, as well as team up with allies to defeat foes in “limited time epic battles”, which are expected to be, again, turn-based style battles in the vein of classic turn-based strategy games such as the Heroes of Might & Magic series.
There’s a lot promised with this one, and hopefully Ubisoft can successfully migrate the acclaimed series into previously unexplored gaming territory.

4. Final Fantasy IV

Expected Release Date: Spring/Summer 2013

While Final Fantasy IV was already recently remade for the Nintendo DS and Apple devices it’s soon about to become available for a whole new market of RPG-thirsty gamers, the Android mobile market.

For the uninitiated, FFIV was originally released in 1991 by Square Enix as part of the much loved Final Fantasy series, and follows the story of protagonist Cecil as he tries to prevent the evil sorcerer Golbez from seizing powerful crystals and destroying the world. Cliched RPG-fantasy story aside, the game is renowned by many for being perhaps the single greatest RPG of all time, combining an intricately involved and immeasurably complex combat system with a sprawling and non-linear world map, and truly absorbing, gripping storytelling.

The remake, first released for iPad and iPhone devices in late 2012 and coming to Android in the coming weeks, features vastly improved graphics, including fully 3D rendered cutscenes, enhanced battle scene and world map graphics and richer, more detailed characters.

If you’ve never had the great pleasure of playing Final Fantasy IV, you’re going to need this from the Google Play Store as soon as its released.

5. Terraria

Expected Release Date: Summer 2013

Android gamers and Minecraft-lovers rejoice! For soon you’ll be able to play what many have claimed is the heir to the open-world, sandbox exploration throne that Minecraft currently occupies, Terraria. The critically-acclaimed side-scrolling sandbox game, originally released for the PC back in 2011, is expected to be released for Android devices in summer 2013 and will bring its own unique brand of open world gaming to millions of new fans.

The central concept behind Terraria, similar to its spiritual soul-mate Minecraft, is that you are thrust into a randomly generated world, tasked with exploring the world, picking up objects and items as you go, and using these items to fashion tools that will help you harvest more resources from the world, which in turn used to help build weapons and armor used to defend yourself against the hordes of enemies that come out at night.

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